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Handmade Dolls, Unique Cloth Dolls, Handcrafted Gifts, Your Country Shop offer wheel chair bags, Black American Dolls, African American dolls, Hispanic dolls, plastic bag holder dolls,  and many other wonderful handcrafted one of a kind gifts. Your Country Shop Handcrafted Gifts are for all members of  your family.  Pets, children, parents, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, good friends, co-workers and other who you wish to give a gift too.

Do you have a friend who works in the medical field, hospital, clinic that needs a great medical cap?  We also have medical caps and doo rags for that special person going through chemo and needs heads protection.Medical Caps

All dolls are handcrafted and made in the USA. They are decorative and unique and are one of kind. These dolls are hand sewn by a retired USA Born Grandmother not made in a sweat shop with foreign help. 

Plush Animals

Teddy Bears

Get Well Bears

Get Well Animals

Chicken Doll

Chicken Dolls

Bride Doll

Bride Dolls

Horse Doll

Horse Dolls

Cow Doll

Cow Dolls

Bunny Doll

Bunny Dolls

Cat in Hat Doll

Cat & Dog Dolls

Pig Doll

Pig Dolls

Oklahoma U


Monkey Doll

Monkey Dolls

Elephant Doll

Elephant Dolls

Frog Doll

Frog Dolls

African Doll

Unique Dolls



College Apron


Teacher Bag


Dallas Cowboy Bag

Bagholder Dolls

Adult Bibs

Adult Bibs

Walker Bags

Walker WC Bags

Your Country Shop

Nampa Idaho

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